On the occasion of “Internet Day 2014” on 05h December 2014, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) officially announced the publication of the Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2014. The report provided the Internet community with information and data analysis about the growth, development and characteristics of Internet resources (including “.vn” country code top level domain (ccTLD), IP address and ASN) and other information about the network infrastructure, which brought about an overview on general Internet development in Vietnam.
This is the third time VNNIC published the annual report (since 2012), and this year’s edition presented the significant growth of Internet in Vietnam, with the statistics and usage of “.vn” ccTLD and international domain names in Vietnam, the statistics of IP/ASN, as well as the queries and traffic of the national DNS servers, VNIX and other technical infrastructure.
Some highlights of the report as follows:
.vn ccTLD continued to rank the 1st in the ASEAN region and 7th in the Asia region in terms of the highest number of ccTLD registrations.
The Prime Minister signed the Decision No. 38/2014/QD-TTg to promulgate the regulation on the auction and transfer of the right to use in telecommunication
In August 2014, the number of Vietnamese Internationalized domain name (IDN.VN) registrations reached 1 million.
By October 2014, the number of IPv4 addresses in Vietnam was 15,627,008. Vietnam continued to rank the second in ASEAN, the 8th in Asia and the 26th in the world in terms of IPv4 addresses.
The Minister of Information and Communication signed the Decision No. 1524/QDD-BTTTT to approve the project of DNSSEC deployment for the “.vn” DNS
For more details, please refer to the Report on Internet Resources 2014.
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